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Youngstock Sale tops at 2,500 gns

The Kedar Brown Swiss herd owned by Gavin & Jonny Lochhead from Dumfries sold 30 heifers from their prize winning organic herd. The herd is currently averaging 7625kg 4.03% butterfat 3.67% protein with many cows producing for ten lactations and recording massive lifetime yields. Ten in-calf heifers topped at 2,500gns to average £1599 and twenty heifer calves topped at 1,000gns to average £655.

Topping the trade in this wonderful group of in-calf heifers due in July was Kedar Archie Gill sired by Kedar Vigor Archie selling for 2,500gns to an undisclosed purchaser. Gill is bred from three generations of Excellent cows that are still milking at Kedar. The third dam is the highest classified Brown Swiss cow outside Switerland, Kedar Seattle Glenda EX96 7E was grand Champion at the Dairy Event in 2009 and is due with her twelve calf this month and is close to producing 100 ton lifetime.

Displaying lots of power and strength was Kedar Tanbark Hawaii sired by Pit-Crew wonder Tanbark and bred from a Very Good Jongleur dam followed by an Excellent 92 70 ton grand dam. She sold for 1,680gns to M Ridsdale & Son Yew Tree Farm, Penrith.

The heifer with the best udder promise was Kedar Present Amber sired by Neuhaus BS Zeus Present and bred from a Very Good dam with high protein records. She sold for 1,650gns to Richard Harrington Birds Hill Farm, Dalston.

The buy of the day was the younger heifer calves with many selling for less than expected. Topping this quality and well grown group was an ultra fancy show heifers selling for 1,000gns to Hannah Lilburn, N.Ireland. Kedar TD Lucie was sired by Webster Ridge TD and bred from a Very Good dam followed by an Excellent 92 grand dam. Look out for this dream-girl at the National Calf Show in October she may just be the one.

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