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Perfection right there!

We have to exciting lots headed to the Perfection collection!

Kedar Acquas Adriana, is an Anibal daughter of herd favourite Inspired Acquas Alliona EX91! This super show calf is perfect age for the mature calf class at the All Britain, she has all the frame and style you look for combined with width and strength and those awesome feet and legs you'd expect from a swiss! All this without properly talking of her pedigree!! Swiss Expo Champion PTT Rhythm Acqua EX96 is a cow needing little introduction, a cow that made such a massive impact on the breed that she firmly stamped her page in the history books, and her great granddaughter looks every bit as capable of keeping up the Excellent tradition of her pedigree!!

Blooming Snowdrop

Kedar Blooming Snowdrop, now scored VG88 points with an 88 point udder, is unquestionably the best milking animal ever to be sold out of the Kedar Barns. This is a heifer we would love to keep, but its also a heifer that we will certainly enjoy watching as she does some serious damage in the show ring!! Because she really is that good, selling this heifer is selling someone guaranteed success, this heifer will take a lot of stopping in the ring, she is so stylish she makes your jaw drop! From the tip of her nose to the end of her tail this heifer is correct, functional and ultra ultra fancy! You get in close to this heifer and see the way she is put together and you just cant find faults, we love her and know she will have a massive future! Her dam is one of the most exciting and youthful young cows we have, she is a 3rd calf 4 year old already scored max points EX93! Sanchia was Dairy Day Champion in 2016 and her show career is really only just starting out, this is the sort of cow that will go on forever and be at her very best as an old cow, we just cant wait to see what she has in store!

These really are two of the most exciting Swiss to go under the hammer in the UK... dont go chasing a dream when this dream of a reality is ready and waiting! 21st April 2018 Shrewsbury Auction!

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