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There aint no party like an expo party!!

So our favourite show has been and gone! This year we took a massive team of 13 animals including 8 milkers! Selwyn Donald from Arran Stud, New Zealand, took to the centre of the ring and was blown away by the standard of the cattle he saw throughout the day!

For the first time ever at Dairy Expo a non Holstein was tapped out as Reserve Interbreed! Taking these honours was non other than Kedar Rhapsody! A very proud moment and full credit has to go to Rhapsody herself, who calved just a fortnight earlier turned herself around to look truly unbelievable on the day!!

Reserve breed champion went to Kedar Vigor Heike (Speedy as shes known!), in milk with her 6th calf she won an outstanding mature cow class, where the top three animals totalled 24 calves and 284 points!! Included in these three was Kedar Seattle Glenda, the pride of Kedar, and a bit of a legend frankly! Glenda came out on big big form, 12 calves in and taking home best udder in her class, Selwyns comments left no one in the team with a dry eye!!

In the heifer class it was Kedar Nescardo Sunrises turn for the red ribbon!

Perhaps the most exciting part of the weekend tho, came in the calf championship when Hattie lead her first big winner, Reserve Champion with Kedar Virestar Jodie, a calf she put a lot of time and love into and it really paid off!!!

As always these shows don't happen without a massive team effort, so we must thank our friends and family who always pull it out the bag when its needed both at the show and at home, we literally could not do it without them!

Kedar Rhapsody

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